Handyman VS. Kitchen Renew or Remodel

Most people don’t think of a handyman when they think of remodeling their kitchen. Then again, people don’t always think of alternatives to remodeling their kitchen. In some cases, a handyman might be a great first step to get you more value out of your existing space and resources, as well as provide an opportunity to increase value while keeping the out-of-pocket costs lower before taking the step to perform a full renovation. Our expert handymen certainly have the skills to provide professional kitchen remodeling services, but we know there are plenty of alternatives and solutions for many of the major factors driving home-owners to this choice.

Have you considered?

Cabinet hardware replacement
Cabinet door replacement
Accessory hardware installation
Shelving & Storage installation
Countertop replacement
Kitchen sink replacement

Faucet replacement
Backsplash installation
Under-cabinet lighting
Replacement flooring
Lighting replacement
Painting and re-Surfacing

The list goes on and on of great ideas and creative combinations utilized to make kitchen spaces enjoyable! Most of these ideas are really cost effective for people on budgets, or people saving up for a big over-haul, but need that quick, inexpensive update to hold them over. Most of the ideas on our list can be accomplished for a few hundred dollars or even less, depending on the quality of the products you choose.

They say painting is a great way to save money and update a living space, well, it certainly applies to your kitchen. A fresh coat of color on the walls can make the room feel new again! There are also great ideas and alternatives for backsplashes, which include stick-on patterns, tile, wallpaper, paint, and repurposed materials.

If you can save your cabinets, try! You can save loads of hard earn dollars by resurfacing or updating your cabinets with various methods. Sometimes a new set of knobs or glass pane cabinet doors, can really set of your kitchen space, with little effort; compared to losing your kitchen from your home’s livable spaces for an undisclosed amount of time while a crew completes demolition and construction.

Countertops get the most of the work in the kitchen, often being one of the first things with visible damage or flaws. Now-a-days there are so many solutions for countertop replacement projects! The list of available materials and creative concepts will truly inspire the crafty-human within us all; from cement, and stone, to pallets and composites; just search counter ideas on Pinterest or Google Images and you’ll see what we mean.

Flooring solutions can really help make the kitchen new again! This is another area where you can find solutions from reclaimed resources to exquisite imports, ranging from free to, “yea that’s ridiculously expensive”. Shop online or in your favorite home improvement stores for latest market price comparisons and possible special offers.

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